Facility Management Tutorials

My hope is that by sharing some of my experiences with my videos I can be a resource to help both newcomers and experienced hands in the Fitness Industry. These videos address some of the practical, nitty gritty challenges Fitness Center managers and employees face on a daily basis.

IHRSA ask the Industry leader

"Is there a standard or best practice on how corporate clients track their employee participation at the fitness center? Our hospital reimburses employees 50% of their membership dues and wants to implement a usage report policy. Any recommendations on what works best?"

IHRSA - Ask the Industry Leader a question.

"How do corporate fitness centers help employees and the company?"

IHRSA -Ask the Industry Leader.

What are your recommendations for signage in our new Coprorate Fitness Center ?

IHRSA - Ask the Industry leader.

How to increase your clubs Corporate Memebrships !

2011 Retreat for the BCFC in WWW