"Fit on the Trip" Program

This program developed to assist World Bank Group and IMF staff to better cope with the physical demands of extensive travel and elevated levels of stress.


Fit on the Trip: Introduction

Surviving the Flight

Economy Class Syndrome

Shoulder Rolls

Back Roll

Pointed Toes

Press the Arms

Foot Rotation

Seated Calf Raises

Jet Lag and Alertness

Workout on the trip

Seated Row group

Exercise Routine for Beginner

Chest Press

Seated Leg Press group

Abdominal Crunch

Low Back Extension

Exercise Routine for Advance

Standing Hamstring Curl

Shoulder Flexion

Push up

Concentration Curls group

Standing Overhead Triceps X

Side Stretch

Chest and Shoulder Stretch

Upper Back Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

Lower Back Stretch

Managing Travel Stress

Fit on the Trip: Conclusion