Fitness Tutorials

My hope is that by sharing some of my experiences with my videos I can be a resource to help both newcomers and experienced hands in the Fitness Industry. These videos address some of the practical, nitty gritty challenges Fitness Center managers and employees face on a daily basis.

Mike James Manager World Bank Fitness Centers on how to determine your training Heart rate Ranges

Cybex Bravo with Joviani Garduno Fitness Specialist at the World Bank Fitness Center.

World Bank Fitness Center Manager Mike James goes a round or 2 for a pound or 2 with the Boxmaster.

Demonstration of some simple steps to help improve your skills on the Speed Ball.

Some tips on how to use the Double end bag to help improve balance, hand eye coordination, foot work and endurance.

How to master the speed ball . Speed ball training helps improve hand eye coordination, hand speed, manual dexterity and increases upper body strength and muscular endurance.

Pilates Fusion

Small Group Training HIT High Intensity Training

Small group training Women with Weights.

Small Group Training "Renew and Recover"

Small Group Training

Boxing Workout with 10 lb vest

Spin bike set up with George Kassouf GRPX coordinator WBFC

Radka Dopitova fitness specialist at the World Bank Fitness Center demonstrates 4 basic exercises for Core strength.

The Speedbag

Boxing work out

The slip bag is a great way to improve footwork, peripheral vision and hand eye coordination. Add a 10 lb dumbell swinging at your head to add an element of danger !!